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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

  • What advantages does being a member provide?
    As a member of our site, you will not have to re-enter your information every time you want to shop, and you will be informed first of all about our announcements.
  • What is a shopping cart?
    This is the area where you can see the products you want to buy in bulk. You can remove, add or increase or decrease the amount of products from your shopping cart.
  • How can I learn the stock information of the products?
    Regular stock control is carried out for the products sold on our site and current stocks are displayed on our site. Orders cannot be taken for products that appear as "out of stock". In order to get information about the current stock, you can contact the site management from the contact section or at
  • How can I pay for the order?
    On our site, orders can be placed with Bank Transfer/EFT, Credit Card, Mail Order, Payment at the Door and Open Account payment options. After choosing the option suitable for your credit card, enter the 16-digit card number, the expiration date and the 3-digit security number on the back of your card. 3D Secure (Confirm with Password): In case of payment by credit card, you will be directed to the secure payment page of the relevant bank as per the security procedure. The information entered in this section is between the bank and the cardholder and allows you to make secure transactions. If the 3D definition of your card has not been performed by you before, your first transaction will be recorded on the bank screen and your card will be ready for 3D processing. If you make your transaction with "confirm with password 3D", a short message is sent to your mobile phone, which is in the bank records. If your information in the bank database is not up-to-date, you can leave the bank screen and continue your transaction securely on our site. In the event that the transaction is not realized due to any problem during the process of performing a transaction with a credit card, the customer and the site management are informed. Payment by Wire Transfer/EFT: Payment by wire transfer/EFT is accepted only by bank transactions. At the payment stage of your order, select the bank you want to pay from the wire transfer/EFT option. You can make your payment by wire transfer/EFT to the bank of your choice. In order to be able to process the payments you have made by money transfer, you must specify your order number in the explanation section of the transfer. In addition, keep the receipt of your payment until you receive your order. In case of any problems with your payment, a receipt will be requested from you. You can note the remittance information at the time of order. For orders placed by money order/EFT, the order is processed and sent by courier after the payment is transferred to the accounts. Orders that are expected to be paid are kept in the system for a maximum of 3 working days. Orders that are not paid within 3 working days after the order is placed are cancelled.
  • How can I cancel my order?
    In case you want to cancel your order after completing it; You can send us your cancellation request by phone, e-mail or from the "Contact" section in the lower right section. We kindly ask you to indicate the reason when submitting your cancellation request (such as incorrect product ordering, product or payment type change, etc.). After your cancellation request is processed, cancellation will be made by us. In order for you to cancel your new orders, they must not have been shipped.
  • Can I make changes to my order?
    You can make changes to the orders you have just placed or received. In order to make changes to the order you have just placed, you must contact us and notify us of your new order before the order is shipped.
  • How can I receive my order?
    The orders you place on our website are sent to your address via courier companies or in the form of delivery depending on the situation.
  • Can I choose a different delivery and billing address for my order?
    You can create different delivery and invoice information at the order stage. The products are sent to your delivery address by waybill and your invoice is sent to your billing address by post within 7 working days. If the order contains more than one product, the products cannot be sent to separate addresses.
  • How many days is the delivery time?
    Delivery time is 1-3 business days after the products are shipped. These times are general delivery times. Delays to be experienced in relation to orders delivered to cargo by us are the responsibility of the cargo company you have chosen. Delivery time may vary depending on your location.
  • The product I received is faulty/defective, what should I do?
    In case of any error or defect in the product you received, it is necessary to notify us by contacting our company within 7 working days from the date of receipt. When you receive the product, send it back to the courier company that we have contracted with, by adding the invoice to the package. After the product received by us has passed the necessary controls, your transactions are carried out in line with your request.
  • How can I learn about the security of your site?
    Communication on the order pages of our site is provided by using 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security technologies. In this way, the credit card information you entered is encrypted and reaches your bank. On this page, it appears as https://... in the address bar. 256-bit SSL protection is used on our site to ensure the security of your information.
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