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 Forged steel has less surface porosity, a finer grain structure, greater tensile and fatigue strength, and greater flexibility than other machined steels. When the steel is heated to the forging temperature, it becomes flexible and malleable, and is brought into the desired shape by applying force and pressure.

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The steel quality of the material you use is of great importance in terms of both sharpness and durability. When it reaches a certain temperature, the metal, which is made more durable by hammering, turns into a much stronger material with the necessary water supplement.


What is Damascus steel?

Despite the high carbon content it contains, it is a type of steel preferred for making knives and swords with its flexibility, durability as well as a sharp blade. The reason why this steel, whose history dates back centuries, could not be transferred to the present day is unknown.  There are many stories about this legendary steel from the past to the present.

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